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Lyth pressure gauges row


LYTH-INSTRUMENT OY is leading remote seals (diaphragm seals) manufacturing company in Finland. Our mission is to provide uncompromising quality, service and delivery to our customers in process pressure/level measuring area. LYTH–pressure- and level transmitters together with remote seals are always in combination which meets customer's special needs, high quality and reliability.


Our history:

LYTH-INSTRUMENT OY is founded 1943. Starting to produce pressure gauges. After 1975-1979 we complete our production program with pneumatic and hydraulic type of remote seals which were step forward to advanced instrumentation. Year 1985 first LYTH-pressure transmitters with analogical 4-20mA output were delivered to customer. At the present our strategy is to develop our prevalent pressure measuring instruments to more exact processes.


LYTH fact sheet:

  • Founded 1943
  • Employees 15
  • Export 21%
  • Headquarters in Riihimäki
  • Area sales offices in Lappeenranta, Naantali and Tampere
  • Distributor to Sweden (Lymont Oy)
  • ISO 9001 in use (not certified)


  • Remote seals (diaphragm seals)
  • Digital HART - pressure/level transmitters (Applisens)
  • Pressure gauges, importing from Afriso Euro-Index (Germany)
  • Pressure- and temperature switches, importing from CCS (USA)
  • Thermometers

Main customers:

  • Pulp & paper
  • Food- and medical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Energy Industry